Our Core Values


The minimization of environmental impact, sustainability, quality and value are key drivers in the solutions we devise, and all take high priority from the outset of the planning process.

We are specialized in sourcing cost effective products and services which are sustainable, durable and outstanding to offer our clients the highest return on her investment. Through our innovative, approaches, technical prowess and extensive supply chain knowledge and expertise, our main goal is to maximize our clients ROI and provide them with the highest quality at the most favourable price point.

Vital to our success as a sustainable procurement supplier is our ability to balance humanitarian and environmental needs with economic progress and commercial development, as a responsible organization we are committed to safeguarding the environment and global communities within it by integrating the core principles of sustainable procurement and supply into every aspect of our service, culture and practices.


At Metroplex global we entirely committed to safeguarding to the best of our abilities all aspects of the environment of the environment which could be affected by any activities we undertake, and promoting by example a positive attitude to environmental compliance with its legal operations in environmental matters, and as well encourage proactive attitudes in anticipating problems, and in seeking out and adopting the very best solutions wherever practical.

Metroplex global in a number of fields, each of which carries its own environmental risks and opportunities. Imaginative and vigilant awareness of these factors must be developed by all management, who will ensure that assessment of the particular environmental risks inherent in their areas of work are given priority in their short and long term planning.

We promote positive attitude of environmental issues to our team and any third parties with whom we do business.

We don’t just only comply to all legal obligations across all environment matters relating to our industry, but we also do our utmost best to encourage proactive attitudes, to anticipate any issues before they arise and to adopt the most environmentally friendly solutions wherever we can.

Protection of the environment is the responsibility of everyone throughout the company. The importance of this declaration of policy will be stressed to all members of the organization to confirm their compliance.


CSR is defined as the integration of business operations and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders, customers, employees, the community and the environment are reflected in the company’s policies and actions.

COMMITMENT- We are committed to;

  • Continuous improvement in our CSR policy;
  • Encourage our business partners to strive for matching performance;
  • Acting in a socially responsible way;
  • Continually improving our performance and meeting all relevant legislation;
  • Encouraging members of organizations to be mindful of the effect of their actions on any natural resources.


The purpose of the policy is to make clear all stakeholders what we mean by CSR and how we propose to work towards achieving it.

The CSR policy applies throughout all of our services and governs our approach to all clients.

In implementing this policy we aim to;

  • Be responsible
  • Be an exemplar of good practice


  • We recognize that good CSR embraces all aspects of sustainable development and we affect people through our business operations.
  • We will assess which social issues are of most relevance to the contract and decide at what stage in the procurement lifecycle this social policy could most effectively and legally be included;
  • We shall operate in way that safeguards unfair business practices;
  • When believe that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve, global or local, is a vital part delivery business ;
  • When carrying out services, in consultation with our customers, we will determine the environmental, social and economic issues
  • We will continuously review our policies and business practices to encourage engagement with small and medium enterprises nd to promote the development of the regional supply chain.


Our objective is to Endeavour to reduce our impact and environment through a commitment to continual improvement.


  • We will take steps to understand how we can effectively support the needs of the local community and implement initiatives accordingly.
  • Our impact on the local and wider community will be understood and nurtured 
  • Dialogue with local communities shall be encouraged for mutual benefit.


We recognize that everyone’s interest is best served when health and safety becomes an integral part of our organization, not necessarily because it is required but because we want to. It is therefore no sacrifice that we have excellent safety records throughout our entire operation.

Wherever we operate, metroplex global strives to live by it core values of;

  • People 
  • Transformation 
  • Customer focus
  • Innovation
  • Integrity and excellent performance

Metroplex global HSE policy and practices can be around a zero-harm philosophy towards people, host communities and the environment. Although metroplex global operates in communities with differing governance standards, it consistently enforces a standard approach to HSE and does not compromise its standards of conduct.


Our promise to our employees, clients and the wider public is that we will strive for continuous improvement in every area of our HSE efforts. This means continuous improvement of our standards, systems, programs, safety performance, management leadership, and employee’s awareness, knowledge, commitment and involvement.

Metroplex global HSE four step process is a non negotiable minimum standards for all operations and driven at all levels throughout the organization.