Our Mission

Powering progress through innovation, technology and quality solutions and become a driver of the energy sector across Africa.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the solutions and services we provide and be a major driver in the energy sector across Africa.

Our Values

We focus on excellence, integrity and quality performance in making sure we achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering qualitative  service and products without compromising standards

Our Services

Operations and Maintenance Services

Our diverse expertise in the Oil & Gas industry, we also help reduce hassle of managing multiple vendors for any Operation and Maintenance, thereby reducing O&M risks & costs for our esteemed clients.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management Services

We boost of global procurement network which promotes project cost controls and schedule certainty by managing the sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of materials, equipment, and services for our clients.

Engineering & Project Management Services

Aided by sophisticated engineering database management software & 3D computer simulation …

Marine Vessel Services & Offshore Operations

METROPLEX is well equipped carry out a wide range of Marine vessel supply and operations, and offshore operations support services …

Why us?

We Got the Team

We pride ourselves as a formidable team of experts from various fields in engineering, logistics, and procurement experts, with hand on experience to provide our clients with the tools, support and result needed.

Our Strategy

We boast of exceptional innovative and strategic approach in handling key challenges, and bringing out solutions in maximizing profits output for our clients.

Great Support

METROPLEX is uniquely positioned to advice and support client concerning their procurement and supply chain challenges and bringing transformation for clients needs.

Certified Products

Our Products are well certified

Superior Quality Services

We offer bespoke services

Competitive Pricing

Our strategic cost management competency enable leadership and teams to reduce cost expense for our client in yielding profitable output.

Clients & Partners