About Us

Metroplex global is a leading procurement and supply chain specialist, delivering responsive and cost-efficient procurement services to our customers in the Oil and Gas, and other energy sectors primarily in Africa..

We pride ourselves on being a cost effective solution to sourcing products for your project and maintenance requirements. Our procurement and supply chain specialists deliver consistent cost savings to all our customers and our dedicated in house supply chain will ensure your goods arrive safely and within delivery expectations.

Since 2012 we have developed strong relationships with manufacturers and vendors who provide the following products:

  •                     Mechanical Equipment
  •                     Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls
  •                     Industrial & Facility Supplies
  •                     Capital Equipment
  •                     Life Safety, Fire & PPE
  •                     Hand & Power Tools
  •                     Vehicles & Automotive Products
  •                     Piping, Valves & Structural Bulks
  •                     MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operational Supplies)
  •                     IT Equipment
  •                     Drilling & Well Intervention
  •                     Lubricants & Chemicals