Procurement & Supply Chain Services

We provide our esteemed clients with global procurement resources, processes, systems, market knowledge, and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment. METROPLEX oil and gas offers reliable project deliveries, innovative performance solutions, and project savings through the combination of a global execution platform, industry-leading technologies, and goods and services spend.


Designed to complement our customers existing internal procurement needs, were we can manage ad-hoc enquiries, discreet demands, via direct enquiry, electronic bidding and online tender platforms.

We offer:

  • Dedicated procurement professionals
  • Immediate order placement
  • Orders follow up
  • Lead time reduction
  • High quality customer experience


We a major supplier of a range of oil field equipments and materials, with an established strong relationships with a huge array of original equipments manufacturers (OEM), as  well as buying houses worldwide.

Whatever you require from us inventory or projected related items, we will respond efficiently and provide you with premium products and services at competitive rates, delivered precisely when required.

Our dedicated supply chain team, freight forwarders and clearing agents, and warehousing and stock holding capabilities, has established us as a supplier of choice to the major international oil companies across Africa.

Independent of transaction type, we offer tailor made forwarding, international import/export and in country logistics. We supply to nominated or specified destinations.

We work in accordance with internationally recognized packaging standards and also utilize market leading inspection and test houses to ensure our clients goods arrive in full adherence to specifications.


Work with our client as a partner, delivering integrated relationships and seemly demonstrated procurement model, to manage planned demand through call off orders and scheduled fulfillment.

An additional benefit includes:

  • Trusted supplier/ buyer relationship
  • Dedicated account management
  • Greater cost efficiency and transparency including volume discounts and KPI’S 
  • E-Procurement/ Data exchange


Working with our clients vendor approval teams to achieve approved supplier status. Enabling further integration and efficiencies through demand planning, price booking, indirect contracts and inventory shortfalls.

An additional benefit includes:

  • Enhanced quality control/ Assurance
  • Consolidation of supply reduced transactions
  • Administrative support through product cataloguing and price booking
  • Global supply base and reach
  • Demand to fulfillment process management

METROPLEX  optimizes product and service offerings to achieve client objectives by leveraging highly knowledgeable product experts assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment, and services.

We boost of global team of material management professionals supports execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of equipment from manufacturing facility to job site.

METROPLEX  contract professionals support the full scope of pre-award and post-award contracting activities.

METROPLEX  logistics team manages the transportation of material and equipment from fabrication facility to project site, meeting the needs of today’s globally sourced projects.

METROPLEX  export compliance organization promotes excellence in global project execution by maintaining current legal knowledge and advising procurement and logistics teams of applicable laws and regulations.

METROPLEX  strategic view of the capital project market allows intelligent and timely recommendations based on long-term material demand, supply, and pricing trends.

METROPLEX is committed to achieving excellence in supplier diversity throughout its businesses. As a global company, we operate across highly diverse markets that are best served by correspondingly diverse resources, including suppliers and subcontractors.

Ad hoc Procurement & Supply Chain Services

We provide an equipment and material procurement and supply service to the oil and gas industry across Africa. Procurement in the Oil & Gas Industry has become an essential service in today’s competitive marketplace. Our role is to find and supply all the manufactured goods associated with the exploration and delivery of oil and gas. Our customers expect an exceptional level of service and we fulfill that expectation by delivering a reliable, honest, diligent and conscientious service that meets their specific demands.